Quite simply, Vineyard Community Church is a growing community of people desiring to live out genuine relationships with God and each other.
No matter who you are or where you’ve been, you are welcome to discover the way of Jesus as part of our community. When you come to the Vineyard on a Sunday morning, you can expect worship through music, followed by a biblical message relevant to the here and now in your life and people who care about you and will pray with you if you desire.  Join us!
We are a church known for grace. A church known for feeling like home.  A church known for unity.  A church known for helping people in the community.

History of The Vineyard Movement

In the Spring of 1982, John Wimber was called to pastor several churches in California.  He called them the Vineyard. In 1987 the various Vineyard churches formed a formal church association called the Assoc. of Vineyard Churches.  The churches are self-governing, but overseen and encouraged on a voluntary basis by Area Pastor Coordinators and Regional Overseers in each region of the country.

John Wimber passed away on Nov. 1 ,1997, but the Vineyard movement is still growing, with new churches being planted nationally and internationally.

Members come from a number of different social, racial, educational and economic backgrounds but our hearts are drawn together by several things:  The pursuit of the God of the Scriptures, the priority of the Bible, a passion to worship God, wanting to serve others, and an informal, welcoming atmosphere!

History of The Logansport Vineyard

After of period of searching for spiritual covering we began relationship with the Vineyard Movement and adopted into the AVC in June 1993. In 1995 & 1996 the Logansport Vineyard met at the Super 8 Hotel and grew spiritually as well as numerically.

In August of 1996, we took a step of faith and purchased the facility at 1301 N. 3rd St.  the old 3rd St. United Methodist Church building.

January 2007 our name was officially changed to Vineyard Community Church

After much prayer and discussion, in April of 2012, we took another step of faith and signed a lease on building in downtown Logansport. We renovated it and moved in.

In October of 2021, we learned that our landlord needed our current building.  We had until May of 2023 to be out of our downtown building location. After 10 years in our downtown building we were on the search again and in much prayer. In June of 2022, we signed a lease at 2625 E Market St.  In September of 2022 we began the renovation of our newest space. What started out as two huge warehouse spaces has been transformed into a beautiful sanctuary and office/classroom space.

Mission Statement

We exist to honor God, make new disciples of Jesus and lead all disciples toward maturity. Love God, love people.

How will this happen? By being a church where people experience the presence of God, encounter the Word of God, enjoy gathering with one another, and engage in the works of God.

Our Values

    1. Allowing Jesus to lead our lives.
    2. Inviting the Holy Spirit to empower our ministry.
    3. Asking for the Father’s heart in our relationships.

Our Priorities:

  • WORSHIP – we are committed to giving worship top priority in all our meetings
  • WORD OF GOD – The Bible is THE standard of truth on which to build our lives upon.
  • EVANGELISM– We seek to bring others into a relationship with Jesus and serve them as needed.
  • EMPOWERED MINISTRY – We are committed to walking and ministering in  the power of the Holy Sprit with all His accompanying gifts, signs and wonders.
  • RELATIONSHIPS – We are committed to building strong healthy relationship within the church and within families and modeling friendship to our neighbors, family and friends.
  • TRAINING – we are committed to giving people the tools they need to have a strong faith, marriage, and friendship.
  • UNITY – We are committed to breaking the dividing walls that exist between Pastors, bible-preaching churches, and Christians. 

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs and theology are firmly established in the evangelical Christian Faith. The Association of Vineyard Churches has approximately 1500 churches worldwide. See www.vineyardusa.org

A detailed statement of Faith is available for download at: request.https://vineyardusa.org/about/core-values-beliefs/

The Bible. We believe the Bible was written by men but inspired by God. We believe the Bible is trustworthy. We believe the Bible teaches us what we should believe and how we should live.  We believe the Bible is revelation to us.

*At the Logansport Vineyard we welcome and affirm leadership from men and women. We do not believe that leadership is gender based. We believe it is God-gifted to men and women. In the Vineyard Movement you will see women as co-pastors, lead pastors, and regional overseers. In our local church, you will see women in varying leadership roles as well.